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Re: 85-lang-new-hash.patch

From: David Lee
Subject: Re: 85-lang-new-hash.patch
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 15:02:10 +0100 (BST)

On 26 Mar 2001, Akim Demaille wrote:

> >>>>> "David" == David Lee <address@hidden> writes:
> David> Wouldn't it be cleaner to talk with the maintainers of
> David> Class::Struct with a view to making Class::Struct itself able
> David> to work on "lesser" versions of Perl?  (And automake could then
> David> use the Real Thing.)
> That was what I originally thought, but they use the module warning
> which didn't exist AFAICS.  This would mean asking them to step back
> in their evolution, which is something I wouldn't have liked being
> asked to do :)

Thanks for the reply.

Disclaimer: I have no expertise whatsoever with the internals of automake,
or of Perl or of any perl module (except a little in Quota). 

I'm simply an end-user, struggling to make use of things that are out
there, and to make them work together.  Over the years, I've learned that
library/module/utility things for distribution should be coded
"conservatively".  That is, where reasonably possible, go for a low common
denominator, and try to avoid latest whizz-bang features.  (You'll know
this yourself, of course, as maintainer of "automake", which is why we are

These features are OK in site-specific, "leaf" applications, but
troublesome in the branches, trunk and roots of portable systems: and a
perl module (as with automake) is, by definition, not a leaf... 

So, e-speaking with no knowledge of the Class::Struct module: 

1.  (Technical:) Can we (that is, you or someone who knows the module) 
produce a relatively clean, relatively simple patch to it, so that it can
work with earlier versions of perl5 ?

2.  (Political, diplomatic, etc.:)  If so, then it seems reasonable for
"us" (that is, you as maintainer of the highly and widely used "automake" 
package) to ask them, please, to consider this.

> In addition, is there really an author?  It seems, according to the
> ``ChangeLog'', that each revision was made by different people.  I
> don't know how the CPAN works.  Should I refer to the Perl dev. team?

Absolutely no idea!  Perhaps an e-mail to prominent folk in its ChangeLog? 

Best wishes.

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