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Re: about requiring Perl 5.6 in Automake 1.9

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: about requiring Perl 5.6 in Automake 1.9
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 13:10:09 +0100
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 > I'm considering dropping support for Perl 5.005 in the future
 > Automake 1.9, and require at least Perl 5.6.  Perl 5.6 will be 4
 > years old next month, so it does not sound like asking for the
 > moon.

Actually, why not jumping to something really more recent.  Some
people will have to upgrade their Perl installation, so they probably
won't install 5.6 anyway.

        Sarathy  5.6.1-TRIAL1  2000-Dec-18     The 5.6 maintenance track.
                 5.6.1-TRIAL2  2001-Jan-31
                 5.6.1-TRIAL3  2001-Mar-19
                 5.6.1-foolish 2001-Apr-01     The "fools-gold" release.
                 5.6.1         2001-Apr-08
        Rafael   5.6.2-RC1     2003-Nov-08
                 5.6.2         2003-Nov-15     Fix new build issues

        Jarkko   5.7.0         2000-Sep-02     The 5.7 track: Development.
                 5.7.1         2001-Apr-09
                 5.7.2         2001-Jul-13     Virtual release candidate 0.
                 5.7.3         2002-Mar-05
                 5.8.0-RC1     2002-Jun-01
                 5.8.0-RC2     2002-Jun-21
                 5.8.0-RC3     2002-Jul-13
                 5.8.0         2002-Jul-18
                 5.8.1-RC1     2003-Jul-10
                 5.8.1-RC2     2003-Jul-11
                 5.8.1-RC3     2003-Jul-30
                 5.8.1-RC4     2003-Aug-01
                 5.8.1-RC5     2003-Sep-22
                 5.8.1         2003-Sep-25
        Nicholas 5.8.2-RC1     2003-Oct-27
                 5.8.2-RC2     2003-Nov-03
                 5.8.2         2003-Nov-05
                 5.8.3-RC1     2004-Jan-07
                 5.8.3         2004-Jan-14

        Hugo     5.9.0         2003-Oct-27

How about 5.8?  What's the version shipped with current RedHats etc.?

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