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Re: install-sh path, differs?

From: Alien999999999
Subject: Re: install-sh path, differs?
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 00:28:20 +0200
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don't know the official position, but i made a file in my CVS that's called

and that does:
libtoolize -c --automake
automake -a -c

so when creating a release, i do ./ and make dist

i think you have to see it this way
the configure, libtool, ... scripts are scripts that make installation easier 
on whatever platform, and you can not depend on users actually having 
installed automake and autoconf, so that's why they are copied...


Op maandag 26 april 2004 22:38, schreef Paul Elliott:
> Newbe quesion:
> Before creating the tarball for my project, I do the following:
> autoheader
> touch stamp-h
> aclocal
> autoconf
> automake -a
> Then I want to let my users do .configure ; make ; make install
> But my users are complaining that "install-sh" is a symlink
> and that the path to this file differs on different Linux distros.
> (I have SuSE 9.0)
> Does this mean that I should change "automake -a" in the above to
> "automake -a -c" to actually make a copy of the file pointed to by
> install-sh? Is this file independent of various versions of automake
> autoconf so that the hard copy of the one on my system will work on
> their's?
> What is the official solution to this problem?
> Thank You.

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