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Re: PKG_CHECK_MODULES on system without pkg-config installed?

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: PKG_CHECK_MODULES on system without pkg-config installed?
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 09:55:44 +0900

Jef Driesen <address@hidden> writes:
>> is pkg.m4 in /usr/share/aclocal ?
> No. I suppose that file is only present if pkg-config is installed?
> I'm trying to build on Mac OS X in case that would matter.

I use some hacks to make the resulting configure script work even if
autoconf can't find pkg.m4.  Basically I just use "m4_define_default" to
define stub versions of the PKG_... macros:

   # Check for pkg-config program, used for configuring some libraries.


   # If the pkg-config autoconf support isn't installed, define its
   # autoconf macro to disable any packages depending on it.

   ... etc
   PKG_CHECK_MODULES([libpng], [libpng], [have_libpng=yes], [:])
   ... etc


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