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Re: autoconf + automake support for MSVC

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: autoconf + automake support for MSVC
Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2011 03:47:49 +0200
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Peter Rosin wrote:
> I didn't want to create yet another fork of cccl, and instead fixed
> the 'compile' script in Automake to handle the bits that must be
> handled by the build tools (and taught libtool to deal with cl
> natively). What I didn't do was add all sorts of options to
> 'compile' to make cl look like gcc, because that way lies madness.
> ...
> 'compile' makes cl understand the
> -l and -L options (and a few others).

So, if I understand it right, you *don't* want to assume that $CC
understands -l and -L options, like the C compiler in POSIX does for
ages (cf.

And since Autoconf scripts invoke $CC directly and not 'build-aux/compile',
all Autoconf macros that use -l or -L need to be adapted, so that they
handle 'cl' directly.

Can you please send patches to support 'cl' for these uses in gnulib?

getaddrinfo.m4:46:      LIBS="$LIBS -lws2_32"
getaddrinfo.m4:56:      GETADDRINFO_LIB="-lws2_32"
gethostname.m4:24:       LIBS="$LIBS -lws2_32"
gethostname.m4:34:      GETHOSTNAME_LIB="-lws2_32"
gettext.m4:268:        LIBS=`echo " $LIBS " | sed -e 's/ -lintl / /' -e 's/^ 
//' -e 's/ $//'`
hostent.m4:30:         LIBS="$LIBS -lws2_32"
hostent.m4:44:        HOSTENT_LIB="-lws2_32"
lib-link.m4:85:      *" -l"*) LIBS="$LIBS $LIB[]NAME" ;;
lib-link.m4:322:                -L*)
lib-link.m4:373:            LTLIB[]NAME="${LTLIB[]NAME}${LTLIB[]NAME:+ 
}-L$found_dir -l$name"
lib-link.m4:460:                LIB[]NAME="${LIB[]NAME}${LIB[]NAME:+ 
}-L$found_dir -l$name"
lib-link.m4:529:                  -L*)
lib-link.m4:610:                  -l*)
lib-link.m4:730:            -L) next=yes ;;
lib-link.m4:731:            -L*) dir=`echo "X$opt" | sed -e 's,^X-L,,'`
servent.m4:32:         LIBS="$LIBS -lws2_32"
socketlib.m4:20:      LIBS="$LIBS -lws2_32"
socketlib.m4:34:      LIBSOCKET='-lws2_32'

In memoriam Robert Mensah <>

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