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[avr-chat] Re: Atmega128, JTAG and ADC (Jeff Epler)

From: Dean Hall
Subject: [avr-chat] Re: Atmega128, JTAG and ADC (Jeff Epler)
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 08:42:52 -0500


The rest of your post was good research, but
your example code isn't quite right.
Look what happens in the non-skip-if-bit case:
the code rjmps to p2, executes p2, returns
and then rjmps to p1 (regardless), executes p1,

So, your example will need to grow a little and gcc isn't doing so bad.

(sorry if this has already been pointed out, I read digest mode)

On Jul 18, 2005, at 08:47, address@hidden wrote:

I think the best code would actually be
   0:   83 fd           sbrc    r24, 3
   2:   00 d0           rjmp    p2
   4:   00 d0           rjmp    p1
but avr-gcc misses it by a factor of 2. Do newer versions do any better? I
know 3.3.2 is a bit old by now.


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