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Re: [avr-chat] Interrupts from assync timer in sleepmode

From: Bjarne Laursen
Subject: Re: [avr-chat] Interrupts from assync timer in sleepmode
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 13:55:22 +0200
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Nils Springob wrote:

Yes, that is how I did it first. When the sleepmode is idle, it works fine. But when sleepmode is power-save, and the output-compare-match happens in the interrupt-disabled part just before sleep.

Perhaps this is the problem:
Timer 0 will not work in power-save mode, the datasheet states(ATmega128 p. 43, 44): "... contents of the registers in the asynchronous timer should be considered undefined after wake-up in Power-save mode if AS0 is 0."

AS0 is 1, that is what make it an ansyncrone timer. The timer runs from the 32768 Hz crystal as it should.

-Bjarne Laursen, RoseTechnology A/S

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