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RE: [AVR-Chat] Choice of RTOS

From: Chuck Hackett
Subject: RE: [AVR-Chat] Choice of RTOS
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 20:57:07 -0600

(Resend because I didn't see it come through the list - sorry if it's a

> From: Roy E. Burrage
> Chuck Hackett wrote:
> >Gentlemen,
> >
> >I am looking for an RTOS to "standardize" on in my (hobby) work with
> >AVRs.
> >
> >I would like to find an RTS that is "full-featured" with things like
> >tracing (to a serial port, etc.), inter-task messaging/signaling, etc.
> > ....
> Is this for your model railroad Chuck?  If so, that isn't a hobby...it's
> an obsession.

Well, yes, I am heavily into live steam :-) and someday I'd like to add some
data acquisition to my locomotive out of engineering interest.  Things like
boiler pressure, propane used, water used, drawbar pull, speed, horsepower,
etc., etc. ...

But, my immediate need is for a more advanced irrigation pump
monitor/controller for our small orange grove and yard in Florida (replacing
an inadequate one based on another microcontroller).  In addition to its
current duties of monitoring for loss of suction (from the lake) and filter
clogging, I'll add data logging, soil moisture inputs, solar radiation, lake
level, etc., the new one (ATMega128) will be connected to my local LAN for
reporting and control.

Other projects include home automation and an automatic block signal system
for 7.5" gauge railroads based on an RS-485 bus ... and, of course, most of
us can think of WAY more projects than we can ever finish ... :-)

As to my RTOS query - I have been looking at NutOS as used on the Ethernut
boards and it seems to have everything I'll need.  I might use FreeRTOS in
less demanding situations that don't need TCP/IP and there is less memory


Chuck Hackett
"Good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgment"
7.5" gauge Union Pacific Northern (4-8-4) 844

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