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[avr-chat] TFT LCD control using AVR

From: Royce Pereira
Subject: [avr-chat] TFT LCD control using AVR
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 21:28:13 +0530

Hi, all,

Has someone interfaced an AVR to a LCD control chip like Epson S1D13A05 /
SSD1906 or the like.

I'm starting my new project  with a LCD touch screen. This is the 1st time
i'm using either.

The display is a 320x240 TFT LCD, with resistive touch screen., with 6bits each for RBG = 18 bits.
Many makes are available - that's the least of the challenge.

The challenge is to interface the thing to my AT Mega32 board.

I've done some homework before posting - via google, & have found the
following options.

1. Buy a LCD control board - typically has the Epson(like) controller as well as a fast, dedicated, 16 bit MCU to interpret high level commands from my AVR board via SPI / RS232, and dump the bitmap to the controller RAM. Also, it will read the touch panel, & send the XY data to my board. Reachtech & earthLCD are two such suppliers (*anyone know of others?*) . However, these cost @ USD 200. This could be a shoirt term solution.

2. Design/Build one myself. This would take time, but would pay off in the long term.

The latter involves using the usual Epson controller & another MCU (I'd love to use an AVR), and writing the command interpreter myself.

Now - has anyone attempted / completed this, and is willing to share their experience ?

I understand a solution exists using AT32AP7000, but I'd like to keep things minimalistic for the moment.

Actually I recall a design contest by Atmel, whose winners had designed a TFT LCD controller using a Mega8515 (in place of the Epson chip) & an Mega128 for the high level interface.
Is there any documentation available on this technique?

.Thanks & Best Regards,

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