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Re: [avr-chat] How can I individualise specific CPUs?

From: Juergen Harms
Subject: Re: [avr-chat] How can I individualise specific CPUs?
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 09:11:18 +0200
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Even if the immediate result does not show an easy solution, this discussion (and needing to put in writing what I think) has helped - many thanks - and yes, Grahams interpretation describes precisely what I want, sorry for the need to be interpreted.

I am at present wondering about an alternative, based on re-considering my use of eeprom: continue (evidently) to use eeprom for storing data that must survive boots, but rather than initialising the eeprom contents by download, define a condition which triggers initialisation of the contents of eeprom by program-controlled transfer from flash (for instance, trigger the transfer when at boot-time a specific eeprom byte contains 0xFF). That would allow to always maintain the EESAVE bit programmed and keep my private data in some "reserved corner" of eeprom. My application could probably live with such an approach - still needs some thinking about.


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