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[avr-gcc-list] jtag gdb linux

From: honschu
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] jtag gdb linux
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 00:34:43 +0200
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I boght a Atmega16 for a leasure-time project:

From all over the web I grabbed free libs, examples, ideas and inspirations 
for avr-gcc and avrlibc to finally load them by uisp. All is done under 

It's really funny to program a MCU in C, and I learned some things too. 
Time goes by and the lines of code are still growing and things are getting 
bigger. Here and there is an error, but the really worth errors are errors 
which generate Reseting of the ATmega16. Maybe I use too mutch memory?!?

So it would be great to have a running gdb session (ddd) connected to the jtag 
interface of the Atmega16. 

I googled a bit and found AVaRICE http://avarice.sourceforge.net/ which would 
fit my needs. 
But a very expensive extra device is needed - the "AVR JTAG ICE"

by http://www.reichelt.de it costs 399 EURO which is mutch too expensive for 
my pocket. 

Is there a schematic for a homebuild kind of "AVR JTAG ICE" which is 
compatible to AVaRICE ? 

I saw a APPNOTE on avrfreaks.net which describes the JTAG-Session-Talk, so I 
think there should be some 3rd party products.

For example, the "AVR-JTAG by OLIMEX Ltd" 
( http://www.avrfreaks.net/Tools/showtools.php?ToolID=511 )
is this device compatible to AVaRICE?

Is there another program than AVaRICE for Linux ?

best regards

honschu lee

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