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[avrdude-dev] Re: WinAVR

From: E. Weddington
Subject: [avrdude-dev] Re: WinAVR
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 09:08:33 -0600
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Brian Dean wrote:

Thanks for the heads up, Eric.  We do still have a few outstanding
patches and an issue of memory verification using the new STK500V2
programmer and I think that may extend over to the JTAG MkII also.
Also, a new bit-bang serial programmer is in the works, hopefully that
will be ready soon and be committed.  Additionally, I think USB
programmer support is also very close, though last I saw there were
some performance issues but the functionality is there.  Beyond that,
there are still some patches pending in the queue.  Hopefully we can
do a simultaneous release and your WinAVR will be able to include the
latest release of AVRDUDE.

Thanks for the summary Brian, it's incredibly helpful. It sounds like the memory verification for the stk500v2 is probably the biggest bug. Because it may affect the jtag mkII, then I would think it also affects a new avarice release.

I'm certainly fine with performance issues on new features, as long as they are correct first. Better to be slow and correct, than fast and buggy, no? :-)

I'll see what I can do to help roll in outstanding patches starting on Monday or Tuesday.


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