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Re: [avrdude-dev] Building AVRDUDE 5.2 under cygwin @WINDOWS_DIRS@: No s

From: Bob Paddock
Subject: Re: [avrdude-dev] Building AVRDUDE 5.2 under cygwin @WINDOWS_DIRS@: No such file or directory
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 18:29:49 -0500
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On Thursday 09 November 2006 18:14, Joerg Wunsch wrote:
> As Bob Paddock wrote:
> > To get it to bootstrap with the latests and greatest (?)
> > cygwin tools, and todays CVS checkout, you have to replace:
> > 
> > 
> > with:
> > 
> > DIST_SUBDIRS = windows
> > 
> > in Makefile.am.
> That's not the way this is supposed to work.  These replacements are
> supposed to happen automatically at configure time.

I agree, but it doesn't work.   @WINDOWS_DIRS@ ends up being
placed in Make literally rather than what should be substituted for it.
Something is wrong with @SUBDIRS_AC@ in the latests cygwin apparently,
and replacing as I show above gets everything to build.
I even went as far as deleting all of cygwin and reinstalling all of it,
but the error remains in the new cygwin setup.  Have you tried automake 1.10?
That is what cygwin is shipping with now.
I'll try going back to 1.9 and see what that it does tomorrow.

> You need an installed latex for them, and probably also a texi2html
> (if it's not part of your latex distribution).

texi2html is a cygwin package.  I didn't try to build anything beyond
the html files, as that is all I need.

> But the default is to not build the docs at all -- you just only broke
> that with your editing above.

Actually I built the html docs yesterday with your pre-bootstrapped

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