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[avrdude-dev] Mega163 problem

From: Egbert Jan
Subject: [avrdude-dev] Mega163 problem
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 09:13:06 +0100

Hi, another new member on the list.

My gear: latest tools (binutils, gcc,avr-libc, uisp/avrdude) on Mandriva
Linux 2007.0. All seems to work very well but it is quite different from
CodeVisionAVR which I use under windows ;-). I switched to avrdude because
uisp cannot talk to the STK500 since the upgrade to V2.

I hit a problem (I think) with avrdude 5.2. After successfully
programming/testing a 8515 in my STK500 (with latest firmware V2), I tried
a mega163. Unfortunately avrdude refused to accept this one and backed out
with a avrdude_command() rc=-1 error. I went back to AVRstudio 4 on
windows and had no problems whathsoever with this same STK500 and this
same mega163.

I call avrdude with no other options than the device (atmega163), port
(/dev/ttyS0) and programmer (stk500v2) -U flash:w:<file.srec>. Clk = 3,686
MHz ISP 115 KHz. I called avrdude again with -u and -v -v but that gave no
clue to a solution. It seems not able to obtain the chip signature.
AVRstudio4 again works fine; signature and fuses seem normal.

Is there a known problem with mega163?

Egbert Jan (NL)

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