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[Axiom-developer] interval.spad INTRVL

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] interval.spad INTRVL
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 22:49:56 -0400

re: lowercase spad files.

These were put there for the purpose of testing. They are in the
int directory and would not be part of a "shipped" image (which
all resides under the mnt directory). It is convenient to be able
to )co foo.spad or )co foo.spad )con bar without having to do the
notangle. One thing I need to do is try to recompile all of the
lowercase.spad files to ensure I haven't broken the original code.
I did that earlier but it needs to be redone for the latest changes.

Additionally the long term will have the interpreter do the notangle
under the covers directly from the pamphlet file. At that time we
can eliminate the lowercase.spad files. I didn't have time to write
this before shipping the Thursday system.


The reason it works in Juergen's version is that the interval.spad
file is compiled as one file rather than as a category and a domain.

If you start the Thursday version and do:


then the compiles succeed. This is the same behavior as compiling
all of interval.spad. The compile of INTCAT implicitly makes the
|IntervalCategory| function available. However, if you compile 
the two files in separate interpsys sessions then the compile of
INTRVL fails because it cannot find INTCAT.

The databases are indeed bent. There is a another layer of cycle 
in the game as follows:

In order to build the first interpsys you need the database files.
These are gotten from the src/share/algebra/*.daase files which are
the original NAG databases. This magic occurs because there is a
shell variable ($DAASE) that is asserted during the build (see the
./Makefile.pamphlet file).

Once the build is complete (which also builds new databases) the
databases are fetched from mnt/linux/algebra/*.daase. (You can
change which databases it uses by setting or unsetting the DAASE
shell variable. Note that the shell variable has /algebra automatically
appended so DAASE=/foo/bar becomes /foo/bar/algebra)

The interval.spad file was rewritten by Juergen and is not part
of the NAG database but is. Somehow building INTRVL
with the NAG databases causes the compile to fail. I'm chasing it
now but I don't understand it fully yet.


The nature of that problem is that SIGNEF uses INTRVL.




I am now in the middle of third re-compile with a modified
Makefile.pamphlet that eliminates the extra lowercase.spad
files and adds a few of the modules which were not yet
included in your make file, including INTRVL. I found that
when a attempted to evaluate

 -> integrate(exp(sin(x)),x)

that Axiom complained that it could not load COMBF.o and
then SIGNEF.o. When I tried to compile SIGNEF.o, I got an
error saying that it couldn't find Interval.

The interesting thing is that this works under Juergen's
version. (It loads all of the required algebra, but Axiom
returns the expression unevaluated.)

Could it be that there is still a problem with the databases?
Are these being re-built in your newest version of the

Bill Page.

On Sat, 2003-08-30 at 21:00, root wrote:
> The INTCAT category is not being autoloaded. I'm not sure why.

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