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[Axiom-developer] INTCAT INTRVL and SIGNEH

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] INTCAT INTRVL and SIGNEH
Date: 31 Aug 2003 08:35:30 -0400


Overnight I set my computer to re-build Axiom from the
Thursday sources modified to include the INTRVL and
SIGNEH but overwriting the databases in src/share/algebra
with the same files from Juergin Weiss' version. I was
pleasantly surprized this morning that it completed without
errors and successfully evaluates


SO ... I would definitely conclude that there is something
wrong with the databases in the share directory of the
Thursay version. It seems likely that this is the cause
of many of the problems you have seen.

Now I don't know exactly what magic Juergen included in
his version of the database files, but a diff shows that
they are very different than the ones in share. I did
find however to have a completely functional version
I still had to run database rebuild. I tried first without
doing that by just setting DAASE to the share directory.
But some things fails, e.g. certain commands did not
produce any output such as the test integration above.
After running the database rebuild and unset DAASE, this
work properly.

Perhaps it would be sufficient to replace the contents
of src/share/algebra with the result of the database
rebuild and then re-compile Axiom? Or perhaps Juergen
can explain in more detail to us his database rebuild

By the way, not counting any of the lowercase.spad files,
Juergen's version has 1040 spad files while the Thursday
version with INTRVL and SIGNEH has only 1011. Here are
the differences


where + means the file is missing from the Thursday version
and - means missing from Juergen's version.

Are there really 29 files which are not yet compiled or does
Juergen's list include some that are obsolete?

Bill Page.

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