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RE: [Axiom-developer] Release?

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] Release?
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 19:51:03 -0500


On Saturday, December 11, 2004 1:58 PM you wrote:
> I haven't tried the new axiom exe files yet ... It appears that
> the .exe file does not do a system build so it doesn't require
> any development tools.

That is correct. The file at

is a binary "installer" file. It is a self-decompressing program
that just unfolds into the directories and files required to run
Axiom. Plus it does a few things to the Windows environment like
defining the AXIOM environment variable and adding the bin
directory to the PATH. This is the way most software is installed
on Windows computers.

> It is clear there is a widespread interest in the windows version
> just from the number of downloads so far. So it is a good idea to
> try and meet this demand as soon as possible.

Over 200 already - that is for the version that requires a little
manual setup work. The only difference with the new one is that
setup is automatic and convenient for people who are less familiar
with Windows development.

> ... 
> Perhaps the easiest way would be to put up wiki pages. I'm
> willing to be the test case for these pages as I'm going to
> play with the .exe file shortly.

I have already put some work into


Tim, are you thinking of something more specific just for Windows

> ... 
> Merging the code base into the main branch is significantly more
> work. Several questions come to mind...
> Will the axiom--windows--1 branch build cleanly on windows?

Not as it exists right now. axiom--windows--1 is still missing
the changes made by Mike Thomas this last week.
>   by this I mean that I can download the tla file to a freshly
>   installed windows box and build it.

Not until someone (you, me or Mike) manages to merge Mike's
>   what is the procedure? it should work by typing 'make'

The procedure is the same as under linux.

>   is there a tla for windows?

Yes. I have used it without problems but Mike has experienced
ome trouble especially when used over a slow modem connection.

>   what software must the user install on the box? 
>   clearly some form of gcc and latex plus awk, grep, rm, etc.

Installed a new MinGW/MSYS configuration from the 'current'
file list at:

In the following order:

1)  MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe
2)  MSYS-1.0.10.exe
3)  msysDTK-1.0.1.exe

Then untarred the following:
 (cd /mingw; tar xzvf /home/bpage/... )

4)  gcc-core-3.4.2-20040916-1.tar.gz
5)  binutils-2.15.91-20040904-1.tar.gz
6)  w32api-3.1.tar.gz
7)  mingw-runtime-3.5.tar.gz

>   what is MSYS and where can I get it? should we package it in zips?

No. Definitely not. It would be like including bash in zips because
it is used on linux.

>   what does Windows use to read dvi files? should we cross-compile
>   and package advi (which is already in zips?) or should the windows
>   build automatically create pdf files?

No to advi. Almost everything in the zips directory is irrelevant
to Windows except GCL-2.6.5. There are standard tools on Windows
for tex such as Miktex.

>   is the version of gcl on the axiom--windows--1 branch the one
> that should be used with windows? does it also build with linux?


>   is there a <<Makefile-windows>> stanza in the top level 
> Makefile.pamphlet?

>   I haven't been involved in any of this so I'm unclear about
> what exact steps are required.
>   I don't yet have the ability to support questions about this
> branch as I don't yet have access to a windows machine.
>   there appears to have been an issue about file names and path
> names have these issues been resolved?


> beyond the algebra portion comes the question of sockets
>   will it compile cleanly under the windows MSYS environment?
>   does the axiom socket code work on windows?

Perhaps. There is compatible code but it has not been tested.

>   does sman compile?

Not tried yet.

> and the question of X compatibility
>   does the graphics code compile?
>   does it run?


Mike Thomas may well have more to add.

Bill Page.

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