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RE: [Axiom-developer] Beta Announcement / Final Questions

From: Page, Bill
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] Beta Announcement / Final Questions
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 13:29:45 -0500


On Thursday, December 16, 2004 6:54 AM you wrote:

> Since I have the OK of root, I'm going to announce Axiom
> Beta today evening.


> Two questions remain:
> 1) Frederic suggested, that we should continue with the 
> version numbers of commercial Axiom. He stated that the
> last version was 2.3, so I see three possibilities:
>    - we stick with 1.0 Beta, since axiom is free now and 
> that's a major change
>    - we continue with 3.0 Beta, since axiom is free now
> and that's a major change, but there are only tiny changes
> to functionality.
>    - we continue with 2.4 Beta, since axiom is free now and 
> there are only tiny changes to functionality.

I like your idea to begin official release version numbers
for open source Axiom at 3.0. My reasons::

- AXIOM-3-oh has a nice ring to it

- Tim likes to talk about the "30 year horizon" ... Axiom=30

- Version 3.0 implies some maturity but not too much maturity.
  Certainly Axiom  can claim that since even though a lot of
  things about the new release are new.

> 2) Are there any chances
>    - that the patches from savannah plus the mysterious patch 
> to bug #5977 x^2+1::DMP([x],INT) are applied to axiom--main--1
>    - that axiom--main--1 will be copied into cvs 
>    - that binaries with the patches applied exist in the 
> Download section
>    today evening or tomorrow morning?

Unlikely but I just might be able to squeeze in a few patches
to the Windows version. No promises. For sure during this

> 3) Bob, if you can make up your mind about your wish 
> regarding the bounty, I'll include this in the release-notes,
> or you can do it yourself, if you prefer.

That's a great idea. Even if Bob doesn't make up his mind, :)
I think you should do this with your first notices tonight.
You can be deliberately vague pointing to the current list as
examples and saying that although funds are limited, specific
tasks are negotiable and proposals will be considered from
all interested parties. ... etc.

> --------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------
> If there are no Reponses regarding 1), I'll take 3.0 Beta as 
> versioning number.

I vote for "3.0 beta"

> If one of the points in 2) would be possible, I'll wait with 
> the release until tomorrow and adapt it accordingly.

I think you should proceed as planned tonight. There are
enough useable Linux binary versions available (although
not all up to date nor well documents) and the Windows
binary installer is in pretty good shape. I expect that
large proportion of new people interested that you might
reach will be Windows users.

I any case I expect we willing finally be in position to
"release often", as one should expect with an open source

> Thanks for all the great work,

Indeed, all around! This will be a great way to start the
next year's Axiom effort. Hey, another reason for 3.0 -
this will be my 3 year with the project.

Bill Page.

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