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[Axiom-developer] FW: [Axiom Book] Good luck

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] FW: [Axiom Book] Good luck
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 11:37:38 -0500


Since you may not be subscribed to the Axiom Book page
on MathAction, you may not have seen this note:

On Thursday, December 16, 2004 8:37 PM Bob Sutor wrote:

> To: address@hidden
> Subject: [Axiom Book] Good luck
> This all sounds fascinating and I wish you the best of
> luck with the project. It's nice to see that the old book
> still has life to it and is living on and evolving.

forwarded from


Dr. Sutor's encouragement means a lot to me!

Now that we have the Windows version off the ground,
I think the book should be the "next big push".

Bill Page.

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