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From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer]
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 15:04:08 -0600

-Messages from the Axiom-developer email mailing list
Selected Messages from the Axiom-developer email mailing list

-I am testing the ExternalEdit option. This page was accessed using Mozilla 
under windows with ExternalEdit defaulting to WORD (yuk).
-I modified the ZopeEdit.ini file in c:\Document Settings\ so that 
editor="WinEdt" and now I am editing using WinEdt. So it seems to work.
-ExternalEdit now works using Mozilla 1.7.1 and FireFox 0.9.3 under Windows. I 
can use either WORD (the default)
-or I can set the editor in the ZopeEdit.ini file. WinEdt works for me. vi 
under cygwin shows the known
-problem that the most recent version of the page is not loaded.
-If someone tries ExternalEdit under Linux please let us know what browsers and 
editors work for you.
-I am still having trouble using Explorer, apparently due to a "no-cache" 
option that is being set somewhere.
-But following the troubleshooting instructions at
-regarding this problem did not seem to help. As far as I can tell we are not 
using "cookiecrumbler" or any
-other Zope option that affects caching. It is possible that this might be 
happening because we are using Apache
-as a frontend proxy to Zope. If so, or in any case, I think it might be 
possible to set some options in Apache
-to override this. But unless we have some users who really really want to use 
Explorer, then I would suggest
-we use either Mozilla or FireFox instead.
-From BillPage Thu Sep 23 21:26:35 -0500 2004
-[102 more lines...]

-> On the other hand, you do have a point regarding "keeping a
-> record of the discussion". Thus, I promise to try the following
-> in the future:
-> As soon as I realize that I can somehow "classify" a discussion,
-> I'll create a page and continue the discussion there. (The
-> prerequisite is that the discussion gets its "own" page.
-> I will detail this below.)
-I didn't see quite enough details below, but I think this might
-be hard to achieve. Right now it is only possible for MathAction
-to direct a message to a specific page in the wiki based on the
-occurrence of [xxxxx] in the subject line. Messages distributed
-via the axiom-developer mailing list automatically have
-[Axiom-developer] added to the subject line and so if mathaction
-is included in the mailing list (either by subscription or via
-Cc, as in the case of this and a few previous messages), it will
-only attach the email as a comment to the page [Axiom-developer].
-It is only a coincidence that [xxxx] is used in both systems,
-[1 more lines...]

-Well, as a physicist it seems that I am often in the position of
-having to remind myself that it is user *perceptions* and not
-facts that determine how users behave. :) You realize, of course
-that email via the axiom-developer mailing list is also archived
-and (quite) easily accessible via the web even for people who are
-not subscribed to axiom-developer? In MathAction the situation
-does seem to emphasize the web interface first with the ability to
-subscribe and act like a mailing list as a secondary feature. But
-really they are essential the same.
-Lately I seem to be dealing more and more with the fact that
-people view interaction via the web (as in the case of a wiki)
-quite differently than they view material that is delivered and
-distributed via email. This currently seems to be a major
-obstacle to implementing active collaboration via the web. :(
-> By the way, there is one big difference in style regarding 
-> email exchange and mathaction exchange: When I reply to an
-[13 more lines...]

-> It remains to say thank you once more for MathAction,
-> Martin
-> PS: How're pamphlets going?
-Maybe later this weekend on
-Later on Friday, September 24, 2004 6:28 AM Martin Rubey
-> Hmmm, another detail:
-> Martin Rubey writes:
-> > 
-> > There is another important detail: I think it is *very* 
-> > important to summarize the discussion from time to time,
-> > and for a "clean" look, I'd like to remove the exchange
-[90 more lines...]

-> -----Original Message-----
-> From: Martin Rubey [mailto:address@hidden 
-> Sent: Friday, September 24, 2004 1:15 PM
-> To: address@hidden
-> Subject: [Axiom-developer] speakerscorner
-> Bob McElrath writes:
->> The situation suggests an integrated email/web/axiom 
->> interface that does all this without the intermediate
->> submit-to-webpage step.  
-> I'm unwilling to exchange MY (:-) emacs against any such 
-> tool. BTW: Bill, could you set up support for external editor?
-> Thanks, Martin
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