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RE: [Axiom-developer] subscribing axiom-developer to MathAction

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] subscribing axiom-developer to MathAction
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 03:29:47 -0500


On Saturday, December 18, 2004 2:26 AM you wrote:
> Thanks for your effort. However, there are some things I 
> don't understand at all:
> Bill Page writes:
>> But there is a potential problem. If the mathaction email 
>> address is also subscribed to the MathAction wiki - what we
>> really want to do - then that could create a nasty email
>> loop since anything sent to the axiom-developer email list
>> by the MathAction website would be echoed back to MathAction
>> and trigger another outgoing email.
> This paragraph I do not understand. The mathaction email adress is
> address@hidden, so subscribing this to mathaction
> would mean that any change on mathaction will send a message to
> address@hidden What for?

I am sorry I was not clear.

1) Yes, address@hidden is the email address of
   the MathAction web site. If you receive an email from MathAction
   it will appear to have originated from this address. If you
   reply or send a message to this address *and* if you are subscribed
   to MathAction, then MathAction will add the contents of the
   email to as a comment to the page given by the name in [  ] in
   the subject of the email.

2) I have subscribed the axiom-developer mailing list to the
   MathAction web site. Now all change notices will also be sent
   to the mailing list.

3) I have subscribed address@hidden to the
   axiom-developer mailing list. This is necessary if I expect
   MathAction to be able to post it's notices on the mailing list.

   But I do not want the axiom-developer mailing list to send it's
   messages to the mathaction email address because then MathAction
   would treat that as a new comment on one of it's web pages and
   that would trigger another notice to be sent, ad infinitum. So
   I must tell the axiom-developer mailing list not to send
   MathAction such notices even though MathAction is subscribed
   to the list. (I need to be a one-way only subscriber).

In fact, this is all set up now and appears to be working. I even
(with Tim Daly's help) managed to change the configuration of the
axiom-developer email list so that it will accept emails via the
Bcc list. So in the end I did not have to change this to a Cc list
and everything is working on MathAction the way it was before I
set this up.

Please try using MathAction with it setup like this and let me
know if it works the way you had in mind.

Bill Page.

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