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[Axiom-developer] RE: Savannah patches

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: Savannah patches
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 15:02:42 -0500


On Tuesday, December 28, 2004 1:48 PM you wrote:
> re: january cvs
> ok. let me know when you've done the commit.
> i'm available on on #axiom-developer for
> questions.

Well, I have successfully done 5 of the patches and tested
them in both Linux and Windows. I did an update and commit
to axiom--windows--1 with no problem. But I am having a lot of
trouble with arch on my linux system. Right now I am doing
a complete rebuild of the modified axiom--main--1 sources. On
this system it will take about 18 hours to finish. I am quite
sure it will build ok, but I just want to be sure. Then I can
(finally) do the commit. If this is outside your time frame
for the Jan 1 Savannah release, then I guess you should just
proceed anyway and we can catch up in February.

The problems with axiom--main--1 started because perhaps I did
things in the wrong order and was nervous about doing the Axiom
build in the arch directory.

On Windows I did make the changes in the arch directory and
re-compiled Axiom and tested right there. The tla update and
tla commit worked fine and did not do anything crazy like
committing any of the non-source files. I worked like a charm.

But on the linux system I first copied of the arch directory
and made all of my changes and built Axiom in that copy over
the last couple of weeks. Then I was faced with the problem of
merging these changes with the repository on axiom-developer.

I had originally downloaded the axiom--windows--1 using the http
protocol. This would not have allowed me to do a commit, so I
had to find out how to change the protocol to sftp (easy but not
well documented) without downloading everything again. Then I
did a tla update of the original arch directory with no problem.

But the diff with my modified source tree showed a couple of
possible conflicts with changes you have made. So my first attempt
was to try to apply the 'tla update' to my copy of the original
arch directory containing the changes. tla is supposed to be able
to resolve simple conflicts, right? But for some reason the 'tla
update' on the copy seems to take *forever* and downloads several
large patch files more than once. It has timed out twice on some 
etwork problem or other.

So now what I have done is to re-apply all of my changes form
my modified copy of the original arch directory back on the
updated original directory itself. And since I never built
Axiom in that directory before, I decided that I had better
"bite the bullet" and do the re-build again here just to make
sure that I didn't miss anything.

>From now one I think I am going to keep in simple and trust
this commit stuff to work properly with just one arch directory!

Bill Page.

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