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[Axiom-developer] Emacs updates, fixes

From: C Y
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Emacs updates, fixes
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 07:36:57 -0700 (PDT)

OK, I have tried to address as many of the "low hanging fruit" in the
much-appreciated bug reports as I can.  Here's the current roundup:


1.  second axiom-mode command destroys old keyboard layout
    -  fixed by making the axiom-mode call a function instead
       of a derived mode.  run-axiom and the use-local-map
       set up the mode for the actual terminal - all the other
       does is override the buffer being launched from.  I do
       need to check that emacs -f axiom-mode will work - can
       somebody check that for me?
2.  axiom buffer after quit cannot be tweaked
    -  buffer now ends up as text file, but I had to ditch the
       confirmation of quit - it was proving difficult to deal
       with.  Anyway, more fancy options for post-quit can be
       arranged later, but this should suffice for now.
3.  line history for multi-line inputs
    -  Multi-line history is not part of comint's default 
       functionality. Perhaps this is already handled by
       someone somewhere - if not, comint's history mechanism
       must be upgraded somehow.
4.  First history call from latest input produces an error
    -  just forgot to check for a specific case in some
       cleanup code - fixed

5.  (output 1; output nextPrime (10^280); output 2)
    (output 1; output nextPrime (10^280); output 2)
    Major mess if arrow keys used.
    - This was due to an overly simplistic eval setup - I wasn't
      waiting like I should have for a completed output before
      allowing editing.  Whoops.  I think this is fixed now.
      Basically, the arrow keys shouldn't be ABLE to move.

I haven't attempted anything to do with )read yet, since that's
actually a fairly significant change.

As far as the pile debate is concerned, if they are functionally the
same is it possible to convert from one to the other?  Or maybe a
better question - if you were to add brackets to pile code, would the
indenting still be the "desired" indenting for well written and
formatted code?  If so, it might be possible to have Emacs
automatically convert between the two of them.   I have one or two
ideas of interest concerning pile code, but those are for later.

One comment which might touch on pile code - if you have to get heavily
nested at any point, the default pamphlet latex rendering style is
EXTREMELY narrow.  I know I have problems with that now, and I'm going
to have to manually go back and fix them, but I can do so since I'm not
using pile syntax.   I don't know what I'd do if indentation was

The latest and greatest is here:


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