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Re: [SAGEdev] [Axiom-developer] Sage on MathAction

From: Ralf Hemmecke
Subject: Re: [SAGEdev] [Axiom-developer] Sage on MathAction
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 23:35:17 +0200
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    -- If X is an Axiom variable, is there a way to ask the Axiom command
       line for a list of function that take X as the first argument?

I doubt it, but that might be doable. However, what would you need this for?
Very likely, there will be very many operations taking an integer as first
argument, for example.

Each axiom variable has a type. If (like Martin suggests) you get all the operations using

   )what operations

then you could use

   )display operations zero?

(where "zero?" is just an example)
to figure out the type of (possibly several) zero? functions.
Now you have to parse the output to match the type of X with one of the functions. :-( I am sure somebody can provide you with a better suggestion.

    -- Is there a way to change the prompts, i.e., to be much more
       difficult to confuse with valid output?

I think this is unneccessary given axioms ability to speak in various
modes. For example, say

)set tex on
)set algebra off

to get a feeling for it.

Or you just name your own frame and let Axiom show that frame name

)frame new MyFancyFrameName
)set message prompt frame

Would you like

)frame new Axiom
)set message prompt verbose


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