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[Axiom-developer] Why did Axiom fail in the 1990s?

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Why did Axiom fail in the 1990s?
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 17:22:06 -0500

> Brooks' law may limit the number of developers, but it did
> not say what constitutes a project. For a large project with
> many (say 10) subprojects, Brooks' law may apply to 
> subprojects. Are you advocating one developer per subproject
> is sufficient?

I wasn't advocating anything. I was commenting on the myth that
sourceforge projects have hundreds of developers.
However, to further quote the same source:

   What are we to make, then, of the thousands of Firefox
   contributors? The key is to recognize that they are not a
   homogeneous mass of contributors, and Firefox is not a monolithic
   piece of software. In fact, the design is highly modular, enabling
   small teams to work on separate components of the code without
   interfering with each other. 

We could easily have developers working on algebra (e.g. Martin) who
do not interfere with developers working on LP (e.g. Cliff).


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