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[Bayonne-devel] Having problem with send.copy or

From: Julien Chavanton
Subject: [Bayonne-devel] Having problem with send.copy or
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 13:21:20 -0400

By any chance, can you send me a working example of send.copy or ? is used to "post" into ccScript variables in a foreign trunk
 use the "post" method rather than the "set" method.  These include
 fifo"s, and stacks.
 On Friday 15 August 2003 01:17 pm, Luca Bariani wrote:
 > Hi
 > does anybody know what the difference between signals "send.copy" and
 > "", form manual they seems very close
 > I succesfull used send.copy but not, does anybody use
 > thanks
 > Luca

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