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[Bayonne-devel] Re: [Bayonne-dialogic] %session.duration ACCEPT or ANSWE

From: Mark Lipscombe
Subject: [Bayonne-devel] Re: [Bayonne-dialogic] %session.duration ACCEPT or ANSWER ?
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 08:52:08 +1000
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Julien Chavanton wrote:
I think the billing start when a call is answered, I am wandering why bayonne start the %session.duration when the call is accepted ?

I would like to modify this because I some time I introduce a delay between ACCEPT and ANSWER

Ideally, there should actually be two variables, say %session.duration, which is the overall duration of the script running, and something like %session.callduration which starts once the call is answered, and ends once the call terminates.


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