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Re: [Bayonne-devel] 1.2.13 released

From: David Sugar
Subject: Re: [Bayonne-devel] 1.2.13 released
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 10:46:30 -0500
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I have given thought to backing the openh323 and sip drivers, but it did not seem likely an easy task to do. I also had looked at setting up a rpm repository (yum), although I am not sure what distribution(s) people would want such a repository to be based on.

Etoile Dièse wrote:
Le lundi 15 Novembre 2004 16:43, David Sugar a écrit :

I would like to see how well things work with 1.2.13 for awhile also
before looking at any new things.  I also added a new option in
[dialogic] to optionally set the Dialogic event queue size, so this may
help with some issues as well.  One thing that seemed to largely "fix"
the older aculab driver was the newer Common C++ implementation of
conditionals.  Now that 1.2.x can be compiled against the latest Common
C++, maybe the 1.2.x aculab driver should be compared with what is now
in testing?

A bit longer term for the current production branch, there may be some
things worth backporting from testing.  In particular, the methods used
to accellerate runtime script execution performance in testing might be
very useful.  Are there any specific features you or anyone else believe
which should be backported into the production branch?

Yes, if it is not too tricky for you to backport it, the oh323 part of the testing version works well and would interest us.


infos chez fdrconseil wrote:

Le Sun, 14 Nov 2004 22:07:30 -0500, David Sugar <address@hidden> a écrit:

A shortcut URL...

This version (and ccscript 2.5.7) build against the very latest Common
C++ releases, as well as the 1.0.13 release.

Version 1.2.13 compiled.

With only one modification to the sources :

I had to add the prototype of the postGCError2 function in
drivers/globalcalldriver.h :
(as it is now defined and used in trunk.cpp)

In line 181 of driver.h, add the following line :

void postGCError2(const char *msg = "");

Some more testing in the next days...


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