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[Bayonne-devel] Re : Slog stops producing traces in syslog/message - got

From: Etoile Dièse
Subject: [Bayonne-devel] Re : Slog stops producing traces in syslog/message - got event 89
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 20:27:05 +0100
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Hi again,

Following our investigations, it appears that the traces
stop beeing produced in syslog after bayonne having received the TDX_ERROR event in
the switch(evtype) block in globalcall/driver.cpp.
(last trace shows : "got event 89")

The questions are :

- What does this event mean ? (Dialogic question)
- What should be done in the code when receiving this event ? (an other Dialogic question) - Why are TDX_PLAY, TDX_RECORD, TDX_DIAL,TDX_PLAYTONE and TDX_ERROR events processed in the same way ?

We will add a "break" in the switch to ignore this event and see what will happen.
Some more news very soon.


Etoile Dièse -

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