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[Bayonne-devel] Testing Bayonne2 with SIP support

From: Alexandre BOULANGER
Subject: [Bayonne-devel] Testing Bayonne2 with SIP support
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 17:34:35 +0200

hello all,

This is my first post here. I'm trying to setup an IVR fully VoIP based,
using Bayonne2 and SIP, on a Debian 3.1 base.

I've compiled and installed the following components:

Common CPP2     1.3.15
ccAudio2        0.7.7
ccScript3       0.7.2
ccrtp           1.3.2
osip2           2.2.1
eXosip          0.9.0   (--disable-josua)
bayonne2        0.6.4

Nothing weird at this point. I've set drivers.conf to use SIP and 2
timeslots. Launching in daemon mode or test mode gives me the same
result, as above:

# /usr/local/lib/bayonne-0.6/bayonne.bin -trace
sip /tmp/scripts/test.scr 

starting 0.6.4 on i686 Linux; driver=sip, timeslots=2
libexec starting; path=/usr/local/lib/bayonne-0.6
libexec starting; path=/usr/local/lib/bayonne-0.6
loading french translator
sip/0: session starting
sip/1: session starting
sip: adding sdp encoding 0 PCMU/8000
sip: adding sdp encoding 101 telephony-event/8000
sip: bound to port 5060
sip/0: state=initial, event=100, seq=0
sip/0: state=idle, event=100, seq=0
sip/1: state=initial, event=100, seq=0
sip/1: state=idle, event=100, seq=0
sip msgport starting
compiled test; 4 steps
apps scanning /etc/bayonne
sip driver started; 2 timeslot(s) used
sip: event 000d; cid=1, did=2, rid=0
sip: invited sip:address@hidden from sip:address@hidden
sip: unknown uri sip:address@hidden
sip: event 0013; cid=1, did=2, rid=0
sip: got bye for non-existant call
sip: event 0015; cid=1, did=2, rid=0

my SIP UA is linphone.
After some researches I've read that that The sip driver is setup to
register to a sip server such as partysip"

So I've tried to setup partysip, then ser, to have a SIP server to
register to, but it isn't better.. maybe I've misunderstood something

Can someone give me some clues about configuration/testing of such a


Alexandre BOULANGER <address@hidden>

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