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Re: [Bayonne-devel] IVR service - telephone exchange

From: David Sugar
Subject: Re: [Bayonne-devel] IVR service - telephone exchange
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 08:01:47 -0400
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Is this an analog system? Some countries use cpe signalling, and some use tones to indicate end of call. In Italy, I am guessing the latter. Yes, it is possible the internal pbx and the telco use different tones, and the card is only set to recognize one of them...that could be very frustrating :). What kind of/who's pbx/key system do you have on premise? Maybe it has an option to change it's tone so you can set it to match the telco? There might be other ways to do this, also. For example, many key systems generate a call record on a serial (or parallel port) at the end of the fact, I have wanted to do a web accessible call accounting system anyway for awhile, basically with a little daemon that parses the switch record and fills a sql table.

Alessio Pomaro wrote:
I have made an IVR service bayonne-dialogic based. This service runs in a company that has a telephone exchange that connects phone calls. If I call the IVR service with an inner telephone, the hangup event is not recognized. But if I call the IVR service from an external telephone, the hangup event is recognized.
Which problem can the system has? Hangup frequency?
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