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Re: RFC: Requiring the ending `;'

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: RFC: Requiring the ending `;'
Date: 04 Mar 2002 19:08:43 +0100
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>>>>> "Hans" == Hans Aberg <address@hidden> writes:

Hans> At 16:05 +0100 2002/03/04, Akim Demaille wrote: The current
Hans> implementation of %expect seems to depend on the type of
Hans> algorithm used.
>> Nah!  Of course not.  Since there is only one implementation in the
>> current Bison.

Hans> When one is changing the algorithm, of course. :-)

I lost your point.

>> And in the future, with more algorithms implemented, the
>> implementation of %expect will not change.  What might change is
>> the number of conflicts.

Hans> Specifically, the same input may produce different parsing
Hans> results with different algorithms (i.e., the languages parsed
Hans> becomes different). Or do you have a proof, showing the
Hans> opposite? :-)

Certainly not, since that's what I say.

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