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[BLUG-announcement] BLUG Monthly Meeting July - Disk Encryption

From: Tong Hui
Subject: [BLUG-announcement] BLUG Monthly Meeting July - Disk Encryption
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 21:33:22 +0800

Hi folks,

Hot summer is coming, in this hot July, we will meet again for discuss disk encryption in July 11th.

Wnereiz (IRC nickname) who are working at SUSE Beijing, will give a brief introduction about LUKS and Cryptsetup, which is the unities for disk encryption in GNU/Linux. Disk encryption makes all data that is written to it is automatically encrypted, and decrypted on-the-fly when read again.

And, persmule (IRC nickname) will talk about a tricky solution that he found using macs in C programming to reduce repetitive work, and make C project easily maintenance.


Furthermore, if you have submitted BLUG Membership application[1], please do remember attend BLUG offline event so that BLUG maintainers and others could sign your OpenPGP public key and finish the progress of the application. 

We also recommended all people who subscribed this mailing-list apply BLUG Membership [1].

Happy Hacking!


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