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Re: [BLUG] Meeting place checking for our Birthday Party

From: Agrachina IT
Subject: Re: [BLUG] Meeting place checking for our Birthday Party
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2017 12:11:47 +0800
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We could go to 3ESPACE 三一 (

Their event space is big enough, cozy furniture which easily can be
rearranged, equipped with large beamer and top sound system.

It's located at 东城区交道口南大街15号新华文化大厦5层, next to Jiadaokou
intersection which is a few ofo-minutes away from Beixinqiao (Line 5),
Nanluoguxiang (Line 6), Andingmen (Line 2) and Shichahai (Line 8).

Next to event space there's a kitchen so we could cook jiaozi,
spaghetti, etc and it is also ok to deliver chuanr. Next to the event
space is a nice balcony for smokers.

3ESPACE has got the mission to support social businesses and
sustainability initiatives so I would expect that BLUG can use it for free.

Martin and I just checked it out now and it looks we could get it at a
date of our choice during days their space isn't used yet.



On 2017年11月29日 22:33, Martin Bähr wrote:
Excerpts from Wnereiz's message of 2017-11-29 21:52:40 +0800:
Maybe we don't need the whole place. We can go there and order some
foods. That is a way to save money.
that is true for both options.
at iLotus the advantage is that the place is usually empty, so it's
easy to occupy as much space as we need without reservation.

but i asked and, we can only get food from one of the iLotus
restaurants, so no chuan'r. they do have pizza, but it's a bit

also, we can not use the big screen unless we rent the whole room (which
is expensive because of the size)

if we can get Younee Coffee without reserving the whole space, the food
may be cheaper.

other ideas:
since we usually order the pizza from annie's, why not have the party
directly at annie's?

we could connect with TUNA and have the party at tsinghua.
i also have a connection at iCenter in tsinghua.
i could ask to have the party there.
(the downside is that the internet at tsinghua is not convenient)

i know a company near 798 (line 14 jiangtai)  that has a space we could
use. they welcome community events at their space.

greetings, martin.

greetings, martin.

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