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[BLUG] Birthday Party Notice draft

From: persmule
Subject: [BLUG] Birthday Party Notice draft
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2017 13:23:00 +0800
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Hi, all.

I am writing the draft of the notice of our Anniversary Party this year,
but I do not have much time on that, so currently, most of the content
are copied from the notice of the last Anniversary Party.

Could you guys help me to improve it?

(Attached is the text draft, in which only actual contents need to be
improved, leaving the format alone.)


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在 2017年12月06日 18:14, Agrachina IT 写道:
> Glad to hear that it works out with 3ESPACE!
> I don't know a pizza place nearby but 20m West from Nanluoguxiang x
> Guloudongdajie there's a Xinjiang restaurant with good chuanr.
> On 2017年12月06日 18:03, Martin Bähr wrote:
>> Excerpts from persmule's message of 2017-12-06 17:23:55 +0800:
>>> That is great.
>> i will got there tomorrow afternoon to confirm.
>> the address is:
>> 5F, 15 Jiaodaokou South Street, Dongcheng Dist. Beijing, China
>> 北京东城区交道口南大街15号新华文化大厦5层
>> our program:
>> we start at 14:00
>> use two small rooms for a hacking-for-fun afternoon.
>> after 6pm we order pizza and chuan'r and drinks into the big room.
>> in the evening we may use a projector to show things, play games, etc...
>> TODO:
>> put the announcement on the website.
>> who will arrange the cake?
>> who will order the food?
>> hans: do you know any chuan'r or pizza places in the area?
>> greetings, martin.
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