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[BLUG] Party/BLUG sponsors

From: Martin Bähr
Subject: [BLUG] Party/BLUG sponsors
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2017 14:23:20 +0000
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i would like to invite LPI, FOSSASIA and Elastos to be sponsors for the
Party, and for the BLUG in general.

LPI is a natural partner as their goal is the same as ours: to promote
Free Software.
the same is true for FOSSASIA.

Elastos is a Free Software network operating system that wants to grow
their community.

i am working as the Elastos Community Manager, and it is therefore my
job to seek out opportunities to promote Elastos.

however, as a BLUG member, i will only invite Elastos as sponsor if
noone objects.
same goes for LPI and FOSSASIA.

we do not depend on sponsors to finance the party, so inviting sponsors
is more to build a relationship, and also show our support for LPI and
FOSSASIA, and in case of Elastos, to help the developers learn more
about the Free Software community.

feel free to suggest other sponsors too.

greetings, martin.

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