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[BLUG] Stepping down from maintainers team and seeking new maintainer op

From: Tong Hui
Subject: [BLUG] Stepping down from maintainers team and seeking new maintainer open
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2017 21:48:17 +0800

Hi hackers,

It is with great regret that I have decided to step down from BLUG
maintainers team, I am currently running low on free time. I will be
focusing on personal issues and some new projects. Thanks to the
on-duty maintainers (see who have
already made this period very smoothly and organized a splendid 15th
anniversary event! If Is there something that I have not handed off
please let me know, I would provide as soon as possible.

Contributing to the Beijing GNU/Linux User Group is one of the best
choices I have ever made. I am glad I discovered the amazing world of
free software. I am grateful for many opportunities provided from BLUG
members and their friends. I am proud for my contributions to the
community and inspiring some of you who involves in during last four

However, one old maintainer left gives a room for new-comer
replacement, it is important to a FOSS community that has such a
mechanism to make it healthy and long live. So I leave and a new
maintainer will involve in, welcome you to join in BLUG maintainers
team! Further information would provided by remain maintainers soon I

I will continue to advocate for GNU/Linux, free software and
technologies which defending user's freedom as always. I will continue
attending BLUG's online and offline event as well, and contributing to
the BLUG occasionally.

Farewell, live freely and prosper...🖖

 * @ 启智开源 编码自由
 * @ Open Mind, Open Source, Coding for Freedom!
 * @ 佟辉 Tong Hui (Tony)
 * @ Email tonghuix AT member DOT fsf DOT org
 * @ Web
 * @ XMPP/Jabber tonghuix AT member DOT fsf DOT org

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