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Re: [Bug-apl] Stack trace in, maybe, Rank Operator

From: Juergen Sauermann
Subject: Re: [Bug-apl] Stack trace in, maybe, Rank Operator
Date: Fri, 06 May 2016 14:41:44 +0200
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Hi Kacper,

thanks, fixed in SVN 726.

/// Jürgen

On 05/02/2016 02:09 PM, Kacper Gutowski wrote:
This assertion can be still made false in r725 with:

      +⍤1 ⍬

Assertion failed: 0
in Function:      init
in file:          Cell.cc:48

Call stack:

-- Stack trace at Cell.cc:48
0x7f9a27721610 __libc_start_main
0x444675  main
0x58635d   Workspace::immediate_execution(bool)
0x48f532    Command::process_line()
0x48f61b     Command::do_APL_expression(UCS_string&)
0x49a998      Executable::execute_body() const
0x52ef24       StateIndicator::run()
0x4d1638        Prefix::reduce_statements()
0x4d08bd         Prefix::reduce_MISC_F_B_()
0x4a2cb5          DerivedFunction::eval_B(Value_P)
0x4729a4           Bif_OPER2_RANK::eval_LRB(Token&, Token&, Value_P)
0x47048d            Bif_OPER2_RANK::do_LyXB(Function*, Shape const*,
Value_P, int)
0x46faa8             Bif_OPER2_RANK::finish_LyXB(EOC_arg&, bool)
0x528fc1              Bif_F12_PLUS::eval_B(Value_P)
0x52318f               ScalarFunction::eval_scalar_B(Value_P,
ErrorCode (Cell::*)(Cell*) const)
0x52178b                ScalarFunction::eval_fill_B(Value_P)
0x582318                 Value::clone(char const*) const
0x47d0ca                  Cell::init(Cell const&, Value&, char const*)
0x4562fa                   do_Assert(char const*, char const*, char const*, int)

SI stack:

Depth:    0
Exec:     0x10f5700
Safe ex:  no
Pmode:    ◊  +⍤1 ⍬
Stat:     +⍤1 ⍬
err_code: 0x0
thrown:   at StateIndicator.cc:40
e_msg_1:  'No Error'
e_msg_2:  ''
e_msg_3:  ''



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