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[Bug-apl] History (up arrow) while editing

From: Christian Robert
Subject: [Bug-apl] History (up arrow) while editing
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2016 01:11:17 -0400
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History (up arrow/down arrow) while editing with Del editor.

I love the "up arrow" who recall last commands.

but when I edit a Del function[quad]

I also love the fact that I can edit/rewrite every lines in that function by 
doing up-arrow/down-arrow and typing over.

but when I save the function with the final DEL,
the history still remember the last 92 (in fact all) lines of the original 
function editing session,
so, if I want to recall the line just before editing, I have to do 92+ up-arrow 
to get there ..

I would love that in the Del editor, thoses (92) lines are not realy saved into 
the apl history. Completely useless.

my whish,


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