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install-sh script not installed when using Autoconf alone

From: John Calcote
Subject: install-sh script not installed when using Autoconf alone
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 15:39:52 -0600
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When Autoconf is used without Automake, 'autoreconf --install' doesn't install a copy of the install-sh script when it detects the use of the AC_PROG_INSTALL
macro in configure.ac. There are two problems here:

First, while the Autoconf manual indicates that Autoconf ships with a version
of install-sh that project maintainers can use, this is not true. The
/usr(/local)/share/autoconf directory structure contains no copy of install-sh.

Second, Autoconf ships with the autoreconf utility that accepts an --install
option to install missing files. Yet, autoconf itself doesn't provide a
command-line option to install missing utility scripts, so autoreconf --install
cannot work properly without Automake.

The fact that autoconf doesn't accept an --install option would be okay, except
that autoscan adds AC_PROG_INSTALL to configure.scan, and the generated
configure script then fails when attempting to locate install-sh. Since Autoconf doesn't really provide an install-sh script that can be hand-copied into the project directory, you basically have to install Automake in order to get Autoconf to work
correctly, or remove the AC_PROG_INSTALL macro inserted by autoscan
from your configure.ac file.


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