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Re: Dealing with compilers that pretend to be GCC

From: Joseph S. Myers
Subject: Re: Dealing with compilers that pretend to be GCC
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 16:32:35 +0000 (UTC)

On Thu, 19 Jan 2012, Ludovic Court�s wrote:

> It turns out that ICC manages to build a working GCC plug-in, so after

I would say there is some conceptual confusion here (based on this 
sentence, without having looked at the autoconf macros you refer to).  
Logically there are two or three different compilers involved:

* The compiler (host-x-target) into which a plugin would be loaded.  This 
is the one that needs to be GCC.

* The compiler (build-x-host) building the plugin.  There is no particular 
reason it should need to be GCC, if sufficiently compatible with the 
compiler that built the host-x-target compiler that will load the plugin.

* If you are testing a compiler for plugin support by running it in some 
way, that will be a build-x-target compiler that is intended to be 
configured in the same way as the final host-x-target compiler.  Such a 
build-x-target compiler will be used to build target libraries in a 
Canadian cross build of GCC.

So always think carefully about which compiler you wish to test - and what 
the relevant properties of that compiler are.

Joseph S. Myers

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