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Re: automake-1.4-p5 patch for cond5.test

From: Gary V . Vaughan
Subject: Re: automake-1.4-p5 patch for cond5.test
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 15:23:03 +0100

On Wednesday 15 August 2001 1:32 pm, Christian Cornelssen wrote:
> When trying to "make check" in automake-1.4-p5, `cond5.test' failed
> due to a timeout that was set too low for my i486-SuSE-Linux platform.
> Therefore, I have increased the timeout value.

Looks reasonable to me...

> Furthermore, when editing `cond5.test', I encountered a strange variable
> definition in the embedded `Makefile.am', and changed it from
>       OPT_SRC = $(OPT_SRC) two.c
> to
>       OPT_SRC := $(OPT_SRC) two.c
> because the former definition would create an endless reference loop in
> `make' and can therefore be regarded as invalid anyway, while the latter
> is an incremental assignment that `automake' just cannot handle.

But that is the point of the test, n'est pas? 

<thread mode="hijack">
Tom, I was thinking of commiting the `sleep 12' part of this patch, and 
possibly the `avoid exponential memory usage' patch I replied to earlier 
today on address@hidden, and then releasing 1.4-p6.

Would that be okay (I already corrected the usage botch I made in -p5 :-))?

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