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Re: on autolib, --add-missing, and aclocal (Was: Re: Installing COPYINGw

From: Bonzini
Subject: Re: on autolib, --add-missing, and aclocal (Was: Re: Installing COPYINGwhatever the previous `value')
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 08:51:39 +0200

> Yeah.  Something I don't like with AC_LIBSOURCES is that it
> isn't tied to a directory.  So Automake has to distribute
> anything matching a file listed in AC_LIBSOURCES.  Too
> bad if the tree contains two files with the same name.  It would
> be nice if there was a smooth way to introduce something like

Isn't AC_CONFIG_LIBOBJ_DIR already there?

> Note that, at worst, there is an evil way to get rid of --add-missing
> and still handle difficult files such as mdate-sh or ylwrap: have Automake
> ask the user to call some new macro when these files are needed.

No, too much backwards incompatibility.  Do we care about *two* files each
3k long?  Couldn't we include mdate-sh in Automakized programs, make ylwrap
depend on AC_PROG_YACC, and so on?

> As far autolib is concerned, one idea might be to add a macro to
> modify the search patch.  For instance Automake 1.8's could
> install its files in /usr/share/autoconf/autolib/automake-1.8/
> and AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE would call AL_SEARCH_PATH([automake-1.8]).

That's fine for me.

> Regarding an aclocal replacement, I've no idea how this issue
> could be dealt (unless Automake continues to install a fake
> aclocal that calls the replacement with the right flags).

We could call autolib aclocal, it even has the same initials :-) (just


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