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Re: surprise

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: surprise
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 15:05:30 +0100
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[striped Autoconf from the Cc:]

>>> "H" == H Merijn Brand <address@hidden> writes:


 H> Ambiguous call resolved as CORE::err(), qualify as such or use & at 
/pro/3gl/GNU/automake-1.7.2/tests/testSubDir/../../automake line 1902.


 H> changing all references to "err" to "error", 

I'll do this.  Thanks.

 H> I get

 H> HP-UX 11.00:
 H> :
 H> XFAIL: auxdir2.test
 H> :
 H> XFAIL: cond17.test
 H> :
 H> FAIL: gcj4.test
 H> :
 H> XFAIL: subdir5.test
 H> :
 H> (and a few SKIP's)
 H> :
 H> =====================================
 H> 1 of 411 tests failed
 H> (30 tests were not run)
 H> Please report to address@hidden
 H> =====================================

 H> [ That count seems to be quite wrong ]

XFAIL = eXpected FAILure, you can ignore them.

Could you edit tests/gcj4.test and change
  ./configure GCJ=gcj >stdout
to read
  sh -x ./configure GCJ=gcj >stdout 2>&1

then run
  env TESTS=gcj4.test VERBOSE=x make -e check
and send the output?

I'd like to understand why you get

 checking dependency style of gcj... none

instead of

 checking dependency style of gcj... gcc


 H> At this moment in time it is very unlikely that you will
 H> meet *anyone* in the world that also hits this error, but as
 H> soon as perl-5.10.0's first alpha hits the streets, I bet
 H> your mailbox will be flooded :)

Thank you for reporting this soon enough!


Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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