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Automatic message from SafestMail (c2FmZXN0bWFpbF9yZXBseQ==-NzEwMjE5NTEy

From: SafestMail
Subject: Automatic message from SafestMail (c2FmZXN0bWFpbF9yZXBseQ==-NzEwMjE5NTEy)
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 08:44:14 -0200

You have sent a message to address@hidden

I'm using SafestMail, an anti-spam/junk block and your email address is new for me. Please click on confirmation link below and explain why do you want to contact me - do not modify the 'subject:' header.

There is no need to resend your original email message, but if I do not receive this confirmation within 5 days, the message will be deleted.

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