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feature request

From: stan
Subject: feature request
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 14:42:41 -0700
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I am using the libsndfile package in my program as a library for conditional static linking. The official release is broken with regard to FLAC support because the FLAC api changed, so I have patched it (I submitted the patches to the developer, but he isn't interested). This works fine. I can build the program with the static library if I pass the option to configure. The problem comes when I want to install. I cannot find a way to prevent the library from installing. It would be great if I could define an option to configure and use a conditional to put the library in either SUBDIRS as I do now or a new variable called noinst_SUBDIRS. The former would work just like now, the latter would build the library as it does as if it was in SUBDIRS, but would not install it. The noinst_SUBDIRS would of course be built before anything in SUBDIRS. Contents of both would go into dist_SUBDIRS automatically.

But perhaps there is a way to already do the equivalent with the autotools. I've read the documentation and tried many ways, all without success. The workaround is to build and install with no static library. Then build with the static library option to configure and copy the executable only into the install directory manually. Workable but clumsy.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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