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Bugfix -- aclocal & MSYS

From: Michael Dutka
Subject: Bugfix -- aclocal & MSYS
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 19:16:18 +0100
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Hi folks!

My current quest is a Linux2WinXp port. The originating source tree is processed using the autotools
and I intended to apply them (almost) unaltered within a MSYS-environment.

When I tried to execute aclocal from either distribution 1.9 and 1.10 I found aclocal creates
aclocal.m4 only under Linux, but nothing happened under MSYS.

When I examined the Perl-script I found this in sub write_aclocal():

for my $m (@macros)
    $files{$map{$m}} = 1 if $map{$m} eq $map_traced_defs{$m};

And you know what? Windows _never_ever_ clears memory beforehand.

For that reason, $files{$map{$m}} _always_ is set by default, and the subsequent

%files = strip_redundant_includes %files;

erase the entire of %files everytime.

for my $m (@macros)
    $files{$map{$m}} = 0;
    $files{$map{$m}} = 1 if $map{$m} eq $map_traced_defs{$m};

will do the job.

# Nothing to output?!
# FIXME: Shouldn't we diagnose this?
return if ! length ($output);

Done in this case, I guess :)

Best regards


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