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Re: choosing the default for silent-rules

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: choosing the default for silent-rules
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 13:34:50 +0200

Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> * Jim Meyering wrote on Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 10:53:40AM CEST:
>> What if a package maintainer wants to enable
>> automake's silent-rules option by default?
> Then you should argue for this; see the arguments against it here:

Hi Ralf,

I think backwards compatibility is very important for some things,
but this is more like meta-compatibility, and that is valuable
only as long as it doesn't get in the way of progress.

Anyone who is sophisticated enough to be logging build output
for multiple packages should also be expecting to tweak their
build process to adapt to upstream changes.  This is just another
one of those changes.

Switching to silent-rules feels like progress, so I want it to be
enabled by default, at least for packages I maintain.  Of course,
that's my judgment, and if enough people say that my enabling
silent-rules broke their XYZ, I can always change it back.

>> Is there a recommended way to make the "make V=0" behavior the default?
>> Of course, I can do this:
> Actually, you can do either of this:
> 2)
>   # remove `silent-rules' from AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE and add
>   AM_SILENT_RULES([yes])

Thanks.  I'll use that.
I should have looked more carefully.

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