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RE: compile wrapper script with C++ file

From: David Byron
Subject: RE: compile wrapper script with C++ file
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 11:18:35 -0800

On Friday September 4th, 2009, Eric Blake wrote: 

> According to David Byron on 8/14/2009 1:57 PM:
> > I'm not sure whether this is something I'm doing wrong
> > or something wrong with automake, autoconf or libtool.
> > At the moment I'm leaning to autoconf + automake.
> compile is maintained by automake, so I've redirected your
> patch there.  FWIW, it looks okay to me, but Ralf will
> have to chime in.

Here's a ping for Ralph.  Would love to see the patch to compile applied.
There's still another piece missing before C++ files compile "out of the
box" with autoconf/automake/libtool + MSVC.  My original message is here:


The missing piece is that I need to modify the generated Makefile from

CXX = cl


CXX = <absolute path to>/compile cl

>From looking at automake/m4/minuso.m4, I'm not sure if it's acceptable to do
something like:

diff --git a/m4/minuso.m4 b/m4/minuso.m4
old mode 100644
new mode 100755
index d8b1620..4a265c1
--- a/m4/minuso.m4
+++ b/m4/minuso.m4
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ if test "$am_t" != yes; then
    # A longer-term fix would be to have automake use am__CC in this case,
    # and then we could set am__CC="\$(top_srcdir)/compile \$(CC)"
    CC="$am_aux_dir/compile $CC"
+   CXX="$am_aux_dir/compile $CXX"
 dnl Make sure AC_PROG_CC is never called again, or it will override our
 dnl setting of CC.

or whether we need a new autoconf macro AC_PROG_CXX_C_O and a corresponding

Thanks for your help.


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