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bug#10866: 1.11a OSX with llvm - 3 fails, 47 skips, 3 errors, out of 285

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: bug#10866: 1.11a OSX with llvm - 3 fails, 47 skips, 3 errors, out of 2856 tests
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 11:29:11 +0100

On 03/11/2012 02:16 AM, P. Martin wrote:
> [SNIP] lots of details and good explanations
> Question.  Why does it search for ChangeLog if that file
> doesn't exist in head?
Basically, the test script 'get-sysconf.test' (whose aim is collecting bits
of information to help the debugging of testsuite failures) tries to look
at either the git history or the ChangeLog file to determine which the most
recent change is (and thus which "version" of automake is being tested).
Until now, the script assumed it would have been run from either a git
checkout (where the git history is available) or from a distribution
tarball (where the ChangeLog is available, being created upon "make dist").
Unfortunately, none of these assumption holds in the Homebrew case.  And
after spelling them out explicitly, I see they might not hold in other
corner or slightly unusual cases as well ...  So maybe the best solution
is to just relax the test.  The attached patch should do this (while fixing
also another unrelated weakness that I've noted while editing the tests).
I will push it in a couple of days (or before, if you confirm that it works
for you).

> Or is it searching thru ChangeLog*?
> It's like you're trying to detect homebrew rather than deal
> with the file not existing.  I must be missing something.
See above.


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